The catering of a business event like a company lunch or dinner doesn’t have to be unhealthy, which is often the case. At Mr Salad you’re at the right place for a company lunch or catering service for lunch or dinner. Why not enjoy a healthy and filling salad?

We find it important that everyone can enjoy our delicious, filling and nutritious salads, wraps and soups. Mr Salad makes healthy fast food available for everyone.

Zakelijke lunch mr salad
Catering voor vergaderingen


Catering for meetings

Are you looking for a company that takes care of healthy and nutritious catering? We offer catering services for meetings or business events. Choose a delicious salad, wrap or soup from Mr Salad. Feel free to contact us for inquiries. Mail or call us 010 737 15 89.

Healthy office lunch

A healthy business lunch doesn’t have to be dull. Do you want something else than the ‘normal’ sandwich? At Mr Salad we offer healthy business lunches or dinners.

Healthy and nutritious catering

We provide healthy, delicious and nutritious catering for groups from twelve people or more. We only use the best products and our ingredients are for more than 80% organic. Feel free to contact us to hear what the catering options are. We arrange healthy catering as desired.

Curious about the possibilities for a healthy company lunch or catering for business lunch or dinner? Feel free to contact us, mail or call us 010 737 15 89.