About us / our story

Mr Salad started in 2017 as a salad bar. We are now In the meantime we can say that we have grown into a thriving health bar. Mr. Salad has now become a health bar. The place where you can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner with a healthy twist. We also believe that everyone should be able to enjoy our menu. That is why, for example, all our soups and dressings are vegan, we have many gluten-free and lactose-free options and we do not use unnecessary additives.

At Mr Salad, we produce everything fresh every day with an open kitchen and bar, so that you can see that your salads, wraps, juices and smoothies are freshly prepared.

What does Mr Salad stand for?


On every corner it’s easy to get yourself a quick and, most likely, unhealthy snack. Why does it always have to be unhealthy, while it’s just as easy to treat yourself to a wonderful well-made fresh salad? It’s our aim to provide, besides all the unhealthy snacks and junk food, a wonderful alternative with our delicious menu. Local ingredients are the base of our salads. Vegetables and fruits are at the heart of our menu. Treat yourself with all things wonderful and delicious nature offers us. We have created amazing combinations for our salads, with seasonal vegetables and fruits. Mr Salads makes healthy eating accessible for everyone!


Fresh daily

Our products are delivered fresh every day and are only served raw, steamed, baked or roasted.

Budget friendly

Healthy and tasty food for a good price.

Honest ingredients

Our products are sustainable, unprocessed, contain no artificial nutrients and are guaranteed healthy.

Mr Salad's promises